What is a warrior?

A warrior is one who is affianced in or accomplished in battle. One who is affianced aggressively or agilely in an activity, cause, or conflict: adjacency warriors angry adjoin developers. Warriors are not what you anticipate of as warriors. The warrior is not anyone who fights. The warrior affairs involve abundant added than the adeptness to action and avert yourself and those you love.

Analogue of an accurate warrior is anyone who has the adeptness and will to action to assure himself, his friends, his family, and his ideals, and at the time above.  Seeks the accomplishment of his appearance through an activity lived with honor, integrity, and a brave adherence to what is appropriate according to his cipher of ethics. The adeptness to action is alone a baby allotment of this definition. The accurate warrior has to advance added than his aggressive arts skills. The qualities of the actual warrior go abundant added than that.

Warriors should display the best qualities a part of men. The actual soldier makes a close accommodation to try to absolute his appearance and to reside by an austere cipher of ethics. His chat is his honor. His assignment stays beginning on his mind. He lives activity a little added actively than most, but at the time above lives activity to its fullest.

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