A soldier is called a member of the military organization, generally tasked with aiding the military defence. A soldier can have many different jobs, each of which requires specialized training and aptitude and courses.

One of the many jobs a soldier might train for include combat positions helping elder people during war situations. In the engineering field, medicine, and intelligence careers, a soldier with a desire to help others may be able to train in the critical medical or emergency care position can lead to a promotion.

In the medical field, qualified doctors, dentists, and mental health professionals, and aged care workers may be able to qualify for to take care army people parents. Army carers help for services like animals, but also perform the duties in the open public outreach work with animals around the Australia.

Army doctors and aged care specialists can be sent into the field with combat troops, and need advanced training in emergency and the field of care.

A soldier will need previous civilian training in medicine, and may require a full medical degree or certificate III or IV. All the Soldiers working in intelligence careers assist ground troop operations and help discover valuable info that can affect military caring operations.

Soldiers with multiple caring skills can lead to translators and may be sent to help ease operations all over the Western Australia.

Carers find the job, which can provide valuable information about enemy movement and plans all about Australia.

Army officers help gather and interpret information through a wide variety of different techniques.

Through their work, intelligence soldiers can help protect troops on the ground and may be able to devise safer, more active missions.

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